Halloween Party Creepy Foods

25 Oct

Halloween Party Creepy Foods


I´ve just posted an English activity suggestion about Halloween celebrations that will take place on October 31st.

Here, the writing activity suggested:

  • play Trick or Treat with this Halloween Story activity => just a  ”creepy” suggestion to IMPROVE your English writing skills… Here we go:

JOE and DONNA are going to the HAUNTED HOUSE
It is 12 o´clock at nigh. They go into the KITCHEN

There are some SPIDER sandwiches on the table.. They eat the 
sandwiches and drink GREEN milk. Now they are going into the 
bedroom… There are some FROGS and BATS in the room… They play 
BASKETBALL with the spiders. There is also a BIG BOX in the room… They open the BIG BOX and find a  G H O S T …? a S N A K E… ? a DRAGON… ?

CONTINUE or REWRITE the story and have FUN!  Happy Halloween!!!

by Teachernc


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